From his spellbinding modern classical compositions to psychedelic improvisation, watching Andy perform is an enthralling experience. His music ranges from meditative, gentle and healing to lively and passionate, and is always engaging, atmospheric and moving. He has released one beautiful album, “Band of Rain” with another to follow shortly. Andy’s tracks have often been used to accompany meditation, yoga and alternative therapies and the album is perfect for relaxation or creating atmosphere.

The Chapman Stick is a fascinating and versatile 10-stringed instrument from California which covers approximately the range of a bass and a guitar but is played entirely by tapping. This leaves both of Andrew’s expert hands to wander freely around the fretboard as he plays his stunning, genre-crossing instrumentals. He took up the Stick seriously in 1998 after many years of playing bass guitar including in several well-known acts such as Sham 69.

Andy is available for live Chapman Stick performances, Solfeggio Frequency Music Meditation Sessions (for individuals or groups) and composition (including film and television scores). He is also available for session or dep work (live or in the studio) on either the Chapman Stick or bass guitar. Please email him at

Watch Andy performing on the Chapman Stick here:

“I've known Andy for many years, in the early years playing sessions for me and later on as Bassist in 'The INC' and Sham 69, I have also used Andy for collaborations whilst writing and recording experimental music. Andy is a very fast learner and extremely talented musician - I couldn't recommend him more highly.”

Dave Parsons, Sham 69


Rikki and the Last Days of Earth: City of the Damned/Victimized - DJM 1977

Rikki and the Last Days of Earth: Loaded/Street Fighting Man - DJM 1978

Rikki and the Last Days of Earth: Four Minute Warning (album) - DJM 1978

Rikki Sylvan and the Last Days: Tokyo/Haven't Got a Face - DJM 1978

Jimmy Edwards and the Profile: Toys/Hard Heart - Polydor 1980

Jimmy Edwards and the Profile: Cabaret/Drag it Back - Polydor 1980

Jimmy Edwards and the Profile: In the City/Five Minute Girl - Polydor 1981

Rikki Sylvan: What's That Sound?/No Man's Land - KRL 1981

Rikki Sylvan: The Silent Hours (album) - KRL 1981

Random Hold: The March/Dance Feeling - RCA 1981

Random Hold: Walking on the Edge/Shining Smile - RCA 1981

Soundtrack: Ghosts of Love/The Mood I'm In - Rialto 1982

Soundtrack: Crazy/Freezeframe - Rialto 1982

Classix Nouveaux: Never Never Comes - Liberty 1983

Sham 69: Rip and Tear/The Great American Slowdown - Legacy 1987

Sham 69: Ban the Gun - Legacy 1987

Sham 69: Volunteer (album) - Legacy 1988

Sham 69: Outside the Warehouse/How the West Was Won - Legacy 1988

Sham 69: Live at CBGB's (album) - Dojo 1991

Sham 69: Live in Japan (album) - Creative Man/Cargo - 1994

Sham 69: Information Libre (album) - Anagram 1995

Sham 69: Kings and Queens (album) - Creative Man/Cargo - 1995

Andrew Prince: Band of Rain (album) - Izun - 2009

Anthea Neads: Jars of Clay (album) - Rowan Leaf – 2010

Anthea Neads & Andy Prince: Penhayl (album) – Rowan Leaf - 2011

Anthea Neads & Andy Prince: This Is How The Light gets In (digital single) - 2012

Anthea Neads & Andy Prince: Love Revolution (album)- Rowan Leaf - 2013